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Obsessed fangirl. Yep. Will spazz with you.

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A witch and her familiar
just some Halloween fun before I resume inktober. Made for the Emergenji discord server ;0

the Halloween event is great. Witch Mercy is great. 
Day 1: Seasonal Witch
And this begins day 1 of 2016's Inktober! I'll be taking on the 31 Witches prompt, because witches and magic are life. 

I went with Autumn because I miss Autumn and sweater weather... so much... Malaysia is too hot for it :( 
A collab of sorts between mkninjachick, who did the lineart, and me, who did the colours :'> 

i love the both of them... so much.... 
Shimadas, Before
I can finally share this! My main contribution piece to oiiChyo's Fanzine, to be sold at AX this weekend! Of course I'd work on one of the two brothers, before everything. :') <- for more info
♛ If interested, please note me with the order form below! (Or email me if you prefer)
♛ Remember to read the terms and conditions below! Veeeery important.
♛ My style ranges from super deformed (Chibi) to realistic (or as realistic as I can get, as shown below and throughout my dA gallery). If you want a particular style you have seen in my gallery, please attach the link/thumbnail to it :) I'm very flexible. 
♛ Pricing can be negotiated (asking for 'best price' will not help you; please give me an amount you think is reasonable), but it will depend on the kind of finishing you would prefer and the size of the artwork, as well as how fast/easy I judge it to be. 
♛ Colouring/Finishing ranges from: [Lines] [Greyscaled/Monochrome] [Flat colours] [Line with Colours] [No Line with Colours] [Simple Background] [Full Finishing]
♛ It is an additional USD $10 per head (additional character, unless stated otherwise)! For full finishing, it is an additional USD $20 per head.
♛ Everything listed here is standard pricing. I reserve the right to tweak the price up or down depending on the finishing or additional requests. (but we will more or less follow the price listed here)
♛ I do not do hentai, porn etc. 
♛ I will not draw you making out with an existing character (has been requested before)
♛ Some understanding will be very appreciated; I'm currently trying to finish my last degree year, so there might be delays in finishing your commission. But I will always finish a commission! Thank you! *blows kisses*

Mascot/Cartoon character only
USD $20
Teddy Mascot: TeddyZee by ZLynnWalrus Puppy by ZLynn
[+$10 for more 3D finishing]

USD $10 [line art], USD $20 [simple colour], USD$30 [full colour]
[simple colours]:
Kyoukai no Kanata stickers pt1 by ZLynn 
[full colours]:
ChibiAvengers: Some Assembly Required by ZLynn Merchandise: HTTYD 2 stickers by ZLynn

Portrait Caricature (head-shoulders only)
USD $30 (per head)
portraits for uni by ZLynn

Hogwarts AU (you in Hogwarts outfits)
USD $30 (per full bodied person)
Hogwarts Butts: Mishie by ZLynnHogwarts Butts: Debber by ZLynnHogwarts Butts: Weiler by ZLynnHogwarts Butts: BaNina by ZLynn

USD $10 - 20 [depending heavily on finishing and style]
The Big Four: Sketch Dump by ZLynn
Favourite Marvel Men by ZLynnQuick Sketch: Favourite Marvel Women by ZLynn
DmC: Dante by ZLynn

Line Art

USD $10 - 20 [digital is cheaper, traditional more expensive]
Black Widow lineart by ZLynn
Commission: Mouthful of Forevers by ZLynn
[traditional ink lining - they will be scanned and cleaned up] 
Inktober: VI from League by ZLynnInktober: A mermaid and her dragon by ZLynn

Bust up
USD $30
DiDi's Pink by ZLynn [with lines]
Speedpaint: Peggy Carter by ZLynn [without lines]

Half body 
USD $40
The Big Four: Jack's Patronus by ZLynnSnK: I never told you by ZLynn [with lines]
Natasha Romanov - Art Trade by ZLynnTake my hand, I'll teach you to dance by ZLynnJackunzel: Warmth by ZLynnButterfly Girl by ZLynn [without lines +$15]

Full body
USD $50
[with lines]
Kimi and the Earth Queen by ZLynnROTG: Bookmark samples by ZLynnSnK: Characters pt1 by ZLynn
[simple finishing]
The Big Four: Hiccup's outfits by ZLynn
[full finishing +$20] 
Cavalry's here! by ZLynnAvatar Korra by ZLynn

Full body colour + background [full finishing]
USD $60
Reading nooks by ZLynn
Final Illustration: Battle by ZLynnAhri by ZLynn
The incident in Godric's Hollow by ZLynn [with lines]
RWBY by ZLynn Lets just behave! Said no one ever by ZLynn[simpler background should be $45]

Environment background [full finishing]
USD $80
#2 Underwater River by ZLynn
Malaysia 200 years later: Cannibalism by ZLynn

Full Portraits (with references)
USD $50
Scarlett Johansson by ZLynn
Chris Hemsworth by ZLynn

Order form
DA username:
Other contacts:
Commission type:
Description: (the more descriptive, the better!)
References: (please include at least one!)
Total Payment: (also please include how you would like to pay me)


email me @[ ] your
Name: (So I know what to address you!) 
Other contacts: (if you'd rather be contacted outside of whatever you'd rather I contact you with)
Commission type: (full finishing? Portrait? No colour? let me know! Or attach a link to an example shown here or in gallery)
Description: (the more descriptive, the better!)
References: (please include at least one of the links!)
Total Payment: (also please include how you would like to pay me)

[Terms and Conditions]
1. Full payment must be made after your order is confirmed and you are satisfied with the thumb sketch.
2. I will start work after full payment is complete.
3. Rights are reserved to interpret and modify the art style to suit the commission, unless the commissioner has a detailed description regarding how they want it to be. 
4. Rights are reserved to use the commissions for promotional purposes, unless requested by commissioner.
5. Rights are reserved to use the commissions for our personal portfolio, unless requested by commissioner.
6. Commissions are to be used strictly for commissioner's personal purposes only. 
7. Paypal or bank transfer (for UK and Malaysia only; sterling pounds or ringgit malaysia's equivalent to the USD stated) is accepted.
8. Your order will be forfeited if the full payment is not sent within one week upon receiving the thumb sketch.
9. The commissions will be in first come first serve basis. So some patience is needed as I can't do all immediately.
10. Once the order has been made, there will be no cancellation. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
11. Artworks will be sent in the original resolution (300dpi), in JPEG format. Soft copy only.
12. Up to two changes will be allowed during and after preliminary sketches, but not during colouring process. Additional changes will be charged, so be sure you are satisfied with the works in progresses when shown!

Upon payment, you signify that you have agreed to the terms and conditions above.

Thank you very much!

PS: If there is anything you're not clear about and would like to know about more, drop me a note or send me an email :) 

You can also find me on:
Instagram: @zehlinn
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Btw I may have accidentally used one of your Christmas icons a while back, I didn't know they were for specific people ^^; I had no way of knowing as I've only started following you now. I'm so sorry and I'll try not to do that to anyone in the future. :XD:
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ZLynn Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
hahah thank you! ;v; Why appalled?? 

I had a great day, thanks! I got treated to birthday things by my friends, and had a wonderful time. The pro artist tag really just means I'm doing art as a professional thing haha~
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